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Upcoming MA Conference in LA Memorial Day Weekend
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Next DSC Business Meeting is Sunday May 10th 4 PM PDT, 7 PM EDT in Meeting Room #2
Upcoming MAWS Conference Proposal Discussion Meeting, May 2nd 2 PM PDT, 5 PM EDT in Meeting Room #2. All are welcome to discuss MA World Policy Motions

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MA Online Sobriety Chips

Congratulations on your hard-won sobriety date!

Choose from the following chips

Welcome to MA
30 Days
30 Days
60 Days
60 Days
90 days
90 Days
Six Months
Six Months
Nine  Months
Nine Months
One Year
One Year
Eighteen Months
Eighteen Months
Multiple Years, Not Available Yet

To save the chip on a PC: Right click on it, pick "Save Image As". Then pick a directory or desktop on your hard drive to store it.
For Macs: Hold down and drag chip image to the Finder (desktop)

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