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Welcome here are the instructions for registration.

Following the prompts for registrations pretty simple.

Go to the home page and click the "Enter Chatroom" button.

After that you will be redirected to the main page of our chat room.

Choose a unique nickname and password.

Make sure your nickname has no more than 10 letters.

Then perform reCAPTCHA to get the green checkmark.

Check the green register box.

Click "Register" button and you will see this page…

Read the above chart terms of use agreement^^^

Click the box and agree to the chat terms of use agreement, make sure your nickname doesn't conflict with the guidelines.

Click ok, and this window will come up…

Read the above message^^^

Click return

This window will arrive in your email or check your spam folder, or trash as well…

Click the blue link above^^^ and the below window will come up…

Click the OK and it will take you back to login, go ahead and login with your new nickname and password.


It is very important to realize that…

Once somebody has registered and entered an email they cannot use the same email.
They cannot use the same nickname because it is in the database as well, so
if they did not confirm they can't reuse either the email or the nickname

If you are having problems with your password window filling with dots it's because you have your browser preset with browser memorization of the password for login.

If your password window is filling up with many dots you can manually erase them and hand type in your password.

If you want to disable saving your password for our site here is some information…

Disable saving passwords in browsers for one site - You can learn it here

Note: different browsers behave differently.

If you are having any trouble with Registration please contact…

Administration MA Online District 13