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Meeting Topic List

Here are some suggested topics for Marijuana Anonymous meetings:

  1. Any one of the 12 Steps or Traditions
  2. Self Acceptance
  3. Handling Depression
  4. Fear and How to Overcome it
  5. Peace Of mind
  6. Holiday Slips and How to Avoid Them
  7. Serenity
  8. Learning to Let Go
  9. Where are We in Our Recovery Now
  10. Threats to My Sobriety: What are They?
  11. Resentments and What Do We Do About Them
  12. Overcoming Self Pity
  13. Making Decisions
  14. Don’t Leave Before the Miracle
  15. How We Work the MA Program
  16. Emotional Maturity
  17. Emotional Sobriety
  18. Becoming Worthwhile to Ourselves and Others
  19. Giving And Receiving Love
  20. What it Takes to Stay Clean
  21. The Importance of in Person Meetings
  22. Having Unrealistic Expectations
  23. Managing Anxiety
  24. Handling Anger
  25. Higher Power
  26. Honesty
  27. Growing Through Recovery
  28. Guilt
  29. Humility
  30. Keeping an Inventory
  31. Sharing
  32. Open-Mindedness
  33. Perfectionism
  34. Dealing with Obsessions
  35. Community
  36. Spiritual Awakenings
  37. This is a Spiritual Program
  38. Surrendering
  39. Sponsorship
  40. Tolerance and Acceptance
  41. Trust
  42. One Day at a Time
  43. Unity
  44. Lessons Learned in Our Program
  45. The Need For Support
  46. Enjoying Recovery
  47. Procrastination
  48. Self-Esteem
  49. Living a Spiritual Life in a Material World
  50. Remembering Our Bottom and How We Have Grown
  51. Wisdom to Know the Difference
  52. Wait to Worry
  53. Using the Phone
  54. “Terminally Unique" – Feeling Unique Can Kill Us
  55. What do We do to Stay Clean
  56. More will be Revealed
  57. Participating in Our Recovery
  58. Plan the Action—Not the Result
  59. Accepting I am an Addict
  60. Finding Balance
  61. Asking for Help
  62. Addiction, a Disease of Isoloation
  63. Our Bottom is Where We Put Down the Shovel and Stop Digging
  64. First Things First
  65. Look for the Similarites not the Differences
  66. Nothing Changes When Nothing Changes
  67. Changing Things We Can
  68. The Wisdom to Know the Difference
  69. The Gift of Freedom
  70. Recovery as a Lifestyle
  71. Putting Our Recovery First